Welcome to G’desh

There is a land of sand and sun, where bazaars are filled with gems of many colors and fabrics light as feathers. The men are forged by the sun, and the women as beautiful as the moon.

There are misunderstood men, blackamoors, their skin the color of night. There are djinn who can transform into monsters made of fire. The wicked use egromancy to spurn good hearts and twist them into vile things.

A faith of the One clashes with a faith of Fire, rebuilding and burning down the desert for their beliefs. Faiths revere the sun, snakes, and other creations. However, there is one cult which blazes brightly, and they believe only through fire can the sands be united in faith.

Come, visit the G’desh Desert, and all the mystery she has to offer. Let her embrace you, and if you are lucky and wise, she will not burn you to ash.

Welcome to G’desh.



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