Welcome to a compilation of the different worlds in Project Volden. Please feel free to explore. Each section will give the inspiration to the region, then point you to the different stories for that region, as well as the category for that region on this blog. Enjoy the journey and explore at your leisure.

Inspired by the cradle of civilization, including Arabia, Israel, and Egypt.

Drowning the Sands of G’desh
Inspiration: Arabian Nights, Torah
A religious war over a prized city is fueled by a shadowy empire. Follow a young prophet, unwitting pawn, and conflicted assassin as they navigate the fall of G’desh.

The Mute of Abr
Short story
Inspiration: Arabian Nights, Monster Hunter
In the wealthy city of Abr, an ex-slave makes a living killing monsters in the salt flats. When her wealth threatens the merchant council, she has to discover her true allies.